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Log stack

23 March 2022

Why should you buy logs in the summer?

Why should you buy your logs in the summer, if you don’t start using them until the winter? In the rest of Europe, it’s customary to receive your log...

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Fire triangle

3 January 2022

The Fire Triangle

What is the Fire Triangle? The fire triangle is based upon the 3 key components required to ignite and maintain a fire; Fuel, Oxygen and Heat. When lighting and...

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Upside down fire

2 December 2021

The Upside Down Fire

Last year we shared the Teepee fire lighting method. Since then we have been shown another method – The Upside Down Fire, which we think is worth sharing. Whilst...

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Wood woolies firelighters

14 November 2021

Fire Lighting Essentials

We are often asked about fire lighting essentials and whether firelighters or kindling should be used to start your fire. If you want to use the easier method of...

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Logs burning

6 May 2021

Ready to Burn Firewood

As of 1st May 2021, the Ready to Burn legislation has come into force. This new law comes under the new Air Quality Regulations. This means wood sold in...

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12 April 2021

Volume vs Weight, Loose Filled or Stacked?

When buying logs you may get all sorts of quotes. One quote in weight, one in volume, one loose-filled, one stacked. It can be confusing and difficult to work...

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10 March 2021

What do we do for the Summer months?

Winter has passed and warmer weather is hopefully on the way! This has left many of you asking us, So what do you do over the summer? Well, whilst...

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3 December 2020

How to Keep your Fire Burning

Lighting your fire is the first step in wood-burning but keeping the fire burning hot requires more technicalities than many people realise. It all comes down to the components...

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1 November 2020

Storing your Logs

You have ordered a delivery, now you need to know how to store your logs! Logs always have a certain amount of moisture in them, however old they are....

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9 October 2020

Seasoned or Kiln Dried Logs

Seasoned or Kiln Dried Logs? This is a question we are asked regularly so we have written this post to help you understand the difference and choose the best...

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