Buy Your Log Stores In The Summer

By the time spring hits sap tension in the trees has risen again, they’re beginning to sprout, and it’s a little late to fell your own trees ready for the next winter. Fortunately, at Andrew Heard our kiln-dried logs and naturally seasoned hardwood logs are always available for collection or delivery.

Stocking up for the winter may be advisable, especially given the typically temperamental nature of the British climate. It’s warm at the time of writing, but it could very well turn at any point. Therefore it’s essential to keep your logs dry – our preassembled log stores are an ideal storage solution, and can be delivered along with any order of our hardwood logs.

Storing logs in other places, especially areas that are exposed, could lead to the wood being hit by the elements – whether that’s the torrential rain that’s perpetually around the corner, or the strong UV rays that we’re currently experiencing. Also, any lack of ventilation and the wood may be exposed to white mould, and therefore be at risk.

To find out more about log storage, when the best time is to buy logs, or to place an order for any of our kiln-dried, naturally seasoned hardwood logs for stoves, or even log stores, give us a call today.