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14 November 2021

Fire Lighting Essentials

We are often asked about fire lighting essentials and whether firelighters or kindling should be used to start your fire. If you want to use the easier method of lighting your fire, we recommend both as fire lighting essentials! Kindling is optional but firefighters should always be used.


Firelighters are one of the fire lighting essentials. They are designed to have a long burn time enabling the surrounding kindling to catch alight. This doesn’t only make it easier to light a fire with a firelighter, but alternatives like paper can increase the risk of chimney fires. We sell 3 different types of firelighter all with different benefits.

Natural Firelighters – Wood Woolies

Our Wood Woolies are made from wood shavings and wax. Not only are they great for starting fires but cooking on too! Due to being natural there is no odour so the taste of the food won’t be tainted.

Fire lighting essentials - Wood Woolies

Natural Firelighters

Zip Original Firelighters

Zip Original or ‘break off the block’ firelighters are great if you like to determine the size of the firelighter you use. The block of paraffin wax firelighters is designed to break off into 40 cubes but it can be broken into fewer bigger firelighters if you wish.

Zip Original Firelighters 40s

Zip Original

Zip Wrapped Firelighters

The individually wrapped firelighters from Zip are great if you don’t like the paraffin wax odour. Simply light the wrapper in which the firelighter sits for a fast and clean way to light your fire!

Zip Wrapped firelighters

Zip Wrapped firelighters



Kindling is great to start your fire off. It ignites quickly and also produces the initial heat to warm the flue up. Kindling will make it easier to start your fire and build the heat up than using logs straight away.

Fire lighting essentials - Kindling

Net of Kindling

Bag of Bits

If you are struggling to get enough heat from just kindling and a firefighter, you can also use some smaller bits to get the fire up to heat. Our bag of bits contains pieces of wood which are between kindling and logs in size. Adding some of these can increase the heat in the fire without putting the fire out like a bigger log can do when there is not enough heat. These come in refillable bags so there is a discount if you return the bag on your next order!

Fire lighting essentials - Bag of bits

Bag of Bits

For one fire lighting method check out our video below!