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Kiln Dried Logs for Woodburners & Stoves

Our hardwood kiln dried logs are dried in a purpose-built kiln to produce timber that’s as dry as possible. Drier timber means a consistent flame and burn time. So, our kiln dried logs help to keep your stove burning clean and keep residue down in the bottom of the stove.

These 250mm kiln dried logs are great for anywhere you need a clean burn and consistent temperatures, such as:

  • Woodburners or multi-fuel stoves;
  • Chimneys;
  • Hearths and open fires; and
  • Wood-fired pizza ovens

Kiln Dried Log Storage

Do you have trouble keeping your logs dry? If you do, kiln-dried logs can be a good option. When delivered, they will have an average moisture content of 20% or less – the recommended limit to burn at their best.

Remember, logs absorb moisture from wherever they’re stored. (Therefore, we recommend storing your logs somewhere dry and ventilated.) It is a good idea to order kiln dried logs during wetter periods due to their low moisture content.

Do you want to know more about the best way to store your logs? Check out our “Firewood Storage and Care” guide for more information. And don’t forget, we also offer preassembled log stores to help protect your logs from the elements.

Kiln Dried Log Alternatives

Not looking for Kiln Dried Logs for woodburners? Our naturally seasoned hardwood logs are always available for collection or delivery from our farm in Shalford. We also offer coal, kindling and firelighterscontact us to place your order today!

Covid19 Update

We are still delivering loads of logs through a Contactless Delivery System.

The yard has now re-opened and you can collect logs as usual.