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Firewood sustainability, log Storage & Care

Only hardwood logs should be burnt which produce more heat with less sparks.

Our logs are produced by us, on our farm, from managed forests grown locally.

New trees are planted in the place of those cut down for fuel.

The burning of logs produces a zero carbon footprint because the new trees which replace them absorb the CO2 given off through the burning of the log.

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Why Should I Order in the Summer?

In Europe, where log orders have traditionally been a lot more common, it’s customary to order in advance – 12 months is not uncommon.

It is now government regulation to have an average moisture content of 20% or below. Ordering in the summer helps keep the moisture content down, to ensure the best possible efficiency from your stove – at a much cheaper cost than kiln dried logs. For that reason, ordering your firewood in the summer can help you care for your logs more effectively.

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Order Online

Providing fully seasoned hardwood logs, firewood & firelighting supplies from our farm in Surrey to your doorstep, in a 2-hour window.

Free delivery with any log load, delivered in a 2-hour window.

Starting from £145 per 1.2m3 load.

Storing Your Logs

We season our logs for at least 12-14 months to ensure you get the best quality log that we can provide.

However, logs will always retain some moisture and readily absorb it from the British weather – log stores are the perfect solution.

You can minimise the moisture build up by ensuring that there is plenty of air circulating around the stack.

If stacking along side a wall, only cover the top, leaving the front open.
Unrolling bin liners over the top of a stack is a cost effective simple solution.

Storing logs in a shed or garage is not ideal – leave a window or vent open to create air circulation. If a white mould is present, this is a classic sign of lack of ventilation. Our preassembled log stores are an ideal firewood storage solution, and can be delivered along with any order of our hardwood logs.

Which Logs Are Best?

Oak logs will warm you well, if they are old and dry.
Larch logs of pinewood smell, but the sparks will fly.
Beech logs for Christmas time. Yew logs heat well,
Scotch logs, it is a crime, for anyone to sell.
Birch logs will burn too fast, Chestnut scarce at all.
Hawthorn logs are good to last, if cut in the fall
Holly logs will burn like wax, you should burn them green.
Elm logs like smouldering flax, no flame to be seen.
Pear logs and Apple logs, they will scent your room.
Cherry logs across the dogs. Smell like flowers in bloom.
But Ash logs, all smooth and grey, burn them green or old,
Buy up all that come your way, for they’re worth their weight in gold!