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Log Stores for Delivery

Our preassembled log stores are an ideal storage solution for your firewood and can be delivered along with any order of our hardwood logs. Our wood stores are 72″ wide, 32″ deep, and the back slopes 48″ to 42″. They are perfectly designed to protect 1 1/4 loads of the hardwood logs that we supply, keeping them in prime condition until used. The idea of this is that you can have 1/4 of a load left before reordering, instead of having to run out of logs completely to fit another load in the store.

We deliver our wood stores to all of the areas listed on our firewood delivery locations page and are happy to help you position the store upon delivery. We can also offer advice on the best way to keep your logs nice and dry until you are ready to burn them during the winter months.

Log Store Tips

Garages and sheds are not suitable for storing your logs. This is due to a lack of sufficient air circulation, which causes the logs to sweat. If a white mould on your logs is present, this is a classic sign of lack of ventilation. Our pre-assembled wooden log stores will help you maintain the condition of your logs. The log store shelters your logs from the elements and keeps them in prime condition for when they are needed. View our guide on storing your logs for more information, or feel free to give us a call for advice on log storage and the best way to keep your logs as dry as possible. For the best results, we recommend situating wood stores away from trees and stacking your logs neatly. This guide also provides some great tips on how to store firewood correctly.

Kiln dried logs

Other Products

We also deliver a range of home coal and kindling to suit your needs. So, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your firewood needs, we can help. We take pride in every product that we deliver, and along with our friendly, personable service, the team at Andrew Heard Hardwood Logs work hard to make sure everything we supply is of the highest possible quality.