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1 September 2020

Pizza Dough Recipe

One of our customers has kindly given us their pizza dough recipe to share with you all! Tag us on social media with your pizza pictures!

Little Italy Pizza Dough

Prepare the day prior to cooking. Serves 4.

This dough answers some of the criticisms of a Neapolitan dough…It’s easier to work, it won’t stick or tear, and it is cooked slower so the centre is less doughy and the toppings fully cooked, including freckles on the cheese all whilst still achieving a few crust bubbles which will brown nicely…a sort of American – Italian pizza hence the name!



305 grams Strong Bread Flour

320 grams Pizza flour

50 grams Wholewheat bread flour

344 grams warm water

0.4 grams Active dried yeast

14 grams sea salt

11 grams olive oil


  1. Put the water and yeast into the mixing bowl, stir to dissolve.
  2. Turn the mixer on low and slowly add the flour
  3. When you have a fully formed dough ball, add the sea salt and olive oil.
  4. Mix for a further 10 mins, then rest the covered dough ball for one hour.
  5. Divide into 4 balls of roughly 260 grams each and place in a lightly floured proving tray with a tight fitting lid.
  6. Let the dough balls prove at room temperature for about 6 hours, until they start to grow.
  7. Then transfer to a refrigerator for a further 20 hours.
  8. The following day take the dough balls out to warm for about 4 hours before cooking. They will start to grow a little more. (For example, I make this dough 11:30 am to cook the pizzas at 6pm the following day)
  9. Open out into 11 inch pizza bases and cook at 380 Centigrade or 720 Fahrenheit turning as needed. Each pizza taking about 5 mins to cook.


We hope this pizza dough recipe helps you make the perfect pizzas! We have pizza oven logs in stock all year round so you are always welcome to pop in and pick some up!