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17 April 2020

Preparation for next season

Now the weather is beginning to turn warmer we are starting preparation for next season. This includes refilling the big barn and our boxes with logs.

Barn Logs:

We are busy splitting our long wood lengths into 8-10″ logs to start filling the barn. Splitting the wood into logs and barn storing them throughout the summer ensures the logs are as dry as possible for next season.

These logs will be used for our grey bags and bulk bags sold in the yard. Due to the smaller quantity of logs than a delivery, bags are a great way to buy logs if you are an occasional burner, don’t have a lot of storage or as a top-up towards the end of the season. We can also deliver grey bags subject to a 20 bag minimum order.  

Filling the barn with logs in preparation for next season

Boxed Logs:

We are also busy splitting logs of different lengths. These logs will be stored in the boxes we have around the yard and used for deliveries. Splitting these logs and storing them in the boxes provides good airflow, finishing the drying process off.

To help the drying process further we have invested in more boxes for the 2020/21 season. This will allow us to leave the logs in boxes for longer.

New boxes in preparation for next season

Both of these methods that we use to dry our seasoned logs ensures that they are ready to burn whilst providing you with an efficient burn.

As preparation for the next season is underway and the warmer weather is approaching, we will be releasing further blog posts on summer cooking and how you can also prepare for next season. 

Covid19 Update

We are still delivering loads of logs through a Contactless Delivery System.

The yard has now re-opened and you can collect logs as usual.