Hardwood Logs Delivered

We provide high quality hardwood logs for stoves fort he following prices:

  • 1 Load Delivery (1.2m3) – £132.50
  • 2 Load Delivery (2.4m3) – £255

Each load is 1.2m3 minimum loose filled. All logs are fully seasoned and can be provided in sizes from 8″ to 27″. 

Up to 2 loads can be delivered together; we deliver throughout the week. Upon ordering, we will offer a 90-minute window when we will be in your area.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs For Collection

  • 1 Log Sack – £7.50 (average 12-15 logs)
  • 100 Logs – £48.50

Log Stores

  • Log Store – £185

Free delivery with any order of logs.

72″ Wide, 32″ Deep, Back slopes 48″ to 42″

Our hardwood logs can be used in stoves and woodburners.

We also deliver a range of home coals and kindling.

Hardwood logs