Summer Cooking and Firepits

Summer Cooking in a Pizza oven

As the warmer weather returns, attention turns to summer cooking and firepits. Whether it’s a pizza oven, BBQ or firepit, logs are a great option to cook with.

Pizza Oven Logs

We specially cut pizza oven logs and have been supplying pizza oven companies for many years. The secret to these logs, is ensuring that they are thin and dry enough. This will enable you to have a fast burn with little smoke whilst getting the pizza oven hot enough to cook your delicious pizzas in a matter of minutes.

You can have a 1.2M3 load of loose pizza oven logs delivered for £132.50 or collect grey bags of pizza oven logs from our yard for £7.50 each.

BBQs & Firepits

Our regular logs are great for cooking on a BBQ or firepit. You can also use our natural firelighters, Wood Woollies. These are great firelighters to use for outdoor cooking. Due to being odourless, they don’t taint the taste of your food.

To start your outdoor fire, you can use the same method as an indoor fire, demonstrated in the video below. Remember to light the firepit or BBQ prior to cooking to let the flames die down so you are cooking on the embers.

As well as using your firepit for cooking, it can be a great feature to keep you warm, as the temperature drops during the evening.

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Moisture Content Update

Unfortunately, due to unprecedented demand caused by lockdowns, home working and the prolonged cold weather, our seasoned logs we are now selling have a moisture content of 25% to 30% instead of the usual 20%. This means that until your fire gets hot, the logs won't burn as usual. Bringing some logs inside 24hrs prior to use will help with the drying process. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.