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13 May 2023

Summer Orders Now Being Taken!

Now that Spring is here, we are taking summer orders. We have logs ready for collection again and are taking on new customers.

Summer Orders? Why should you buy logs now, ahead of the winter?

Ensure you have a good supply ready for the winter!

Although it is rare, we can run out of logs. Winter 2022/23, we were hit by huge demand as well as panic buying due to the gas crisis. This caused us to sell our allocated stock for the year 2.5 times faster than usual, resulting in us having to close the yard for log collections and only offer deliveries to those customers who have had a recent delivery. Despite this, we still had waits ranging from 4 to 8 weeks across the season.

Order the size you want!

Due to ‘Ready to Burn’ legislation on the sale of dry wood, we have had to standardise our log sizes throughout the winter. The standard sizes are 8-9″ (20-23cm), 12″ (30cm) and 14″ (35cm) logs. If you order logs for delivery in June or July, we can cut your logs in increments of 2″ (5cm), from 8″ up to 20″ (20-50cm) and you can also request chunkier logs. The warmer weather enables the logs to dry faster down to a moisture of less than 20%.

Beat the price rise!

Our prices tend to increase for logs delivered from 1st August due to cost increases. Not only will your heating supply be prepared for the winter, but you will also save money!

Summer orders means Drier logs!

Logs carry on drying all the time they are stored correctly down to ambient moisture. Logs only get better with age! A summer delivery will ensure you have very dry wood ready for the winter, which if stored correctly will provide you with a more efficient burn and logs which are easier to light.

Put the logs away at your own speed!

In the summer there is less of an urgency to put your logs into storage. Days tend to be drier so the logs can be left out until you are able to move them. If the logs are caught in a rain shower, they dry off much quicker in the summer than they do in the winter!

How do I book my summer order?

To place an order for a summer delivery, please call 01483 538337, send us an email at andrew.heard.woodstock@gmail.com or use the contact form at the bottom of our webpage. If you are looking to collect smaller quantities of logs, there is no need to prebook, you can just turn up at our yard, near Shalford.