Hardwood Log delivery since 1984

Andrew Heard Hardwood Logs - FSB memberEstablished in 1984, Andrew Heard Hardwood Logs deliver real hardwood logs, coal, kindling and log stores from a real local farm in Shalford, Surrey.

We currently serve over 3,300 domestic and trade customers; our catchment area includes most of Surrey, East Hampshire and the surrounding region.

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Hardwood Logs and more – your local delivery company

When it comes to firewood and traditional heating supplies, we provide everything you need for a roaring fire. We sell bagged firewood hardwood logs (12-15 per bag on average) as well as 100 loose log “bootfuls” ready for collection. We deliver throughout the week – get in touch and we’ll let you know when we’re next in the area. We always provide a 90-minute window for our deliveries, so you aren’t left waiting around!

As well as logs, we also provide kindling, firelighters, premium coal supplies (for delivery or collection) and log stores. See our prices page for more information and costs.

I have been a customer for 14 years and have always received a wonderful and reliable delivery of good quality logs and
service with a smile!
Mrs H, Shamley Green

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Moisture Content Update

Unfortunately, due to unprecedented demand caused by lockdowns, home working and the prolonged cold weather, our seasoned logs we are now selling have a moisture content of 25% to 30% instead of the usual 20%. This means that until your fire gets hot, the logs won't burn as usual. Bringing some logs inside 24hrs prior to use will help with the drying process. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.