Time to Order Logs Online

The weather for the end of the year is still set to be unstable, with whispers about a second heat wave, and maybe even more unpredictable temperatures beyond that. But, winter is coming! And when it does, it’s a good idea to be stocked up and order kiln dried logs and seasoned hardwood logs online today.

What exactly is kiln drying?

“The process of artificial or ‘oven’ drying consists basically of introducing heat. This may be directly, using natural gas and/or electricity or indirectly, through steam-heated heat exchangers. Solar energy is also an option. In the process, deliberate control of temperature, relative humidity and air circulation creates variable conditions to achieve specific drying profiles. To achieve this, the timber is stacked in chambers, which are fitted with equipment to control atmospheric temperature, relative humidity and circulation rate.” (Walker et al.’, 1993; Desch and Dinwoodie, 1996).

How much wood should you buy? Well, remember – too much is never enough!

To find out more about kiln dried logs, when the best time is to buy logs, or to place an order for any of our kiln-dried, naturally seasoned hardwood logs for stoves, or even log stores, give us a call today.