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16 January 2020

Tips and Tricks for Lighting your Fire

Wood burning stove with lit fire

Do you struggle lighting your fire? Do you want a more effective way to light your fire? Well, read on and view our video below to discover one of our recommended methods for lighting your fire. Of course, no method is incorrect, as long as your fire starts!

  1. Ensure you stock up on Kindling and Firelighters. Both are designed for lighting your fire and have a longer burn time than paper.
  2. Place a log in the back of your fireplace with a firelighter laying in front of it.
  3. Surround the firelighter with kindling sticks, leaving a gap to light the fire through. Ensure the kindling is in close contact with the firelighter.
  4. Light the firelighter, which will set the kindling alight. If you are having trouble, make sure there is enough air for the fire to start by opening up the vents or leaving the door ajar. 
  5. Once the kindling is alight, add a couple of smaller kiln dried or seasoned logs
  6. When the fire is burning hotter you can close the door or air vents and larger logs can be added to slow the fire down.
  7. Enjoy the warmth!

By using this method you should have an easily lit fire every time.

It is always best to be around when your fire is burning and let it die down before you go to bed. For longer lasting heat, coal is great to use if you have a multi-fuel burner or an open fire. 

Log storage is key to keeping your logs dry and burning well. For more information on how to store your firewood, visit our “Log Storage” page.

Click below to watch our video tutorial on lighting a fire.

Covid19 Update

We are still delivering loads of logs through a Contactless Delivery System.

The yard has now re-opened and you can collect logs as usual.