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12 April 2021

Volume vs Weight, Loose Filled or Stacked?

Loose filled logs

When buying logs you may get all sorts of quotes. One quote in weight, one in volume, one loose-filled, one stacked. It can be confusing and difficult to work out how each of these compare! Find out how volume vs weight and loose filled vs stacked comparisons below.

Quotes in Volume vs Weight

When searching for a firewood supplier you should always get a quote for a load of logs in volume rather than weight. Wet wood weighs more than dry, ready-to-burn logs. This means that 1 load of seasoned logs would weigh much less than 1 load of wet logs.

‘Loose Filled’ or ‘Stacked’, What’s the Difference?

Another common discrepancy in how logs are sold is ‘Loose Filled’ Vs ‘Stacked’ logs. Many log suppliers quote their loads of logs to be ‘Loose Filled’ but how does this compare to someone who is quoting their load as ‘Stacked’?

If you take one of our loose-filled 1.2m3 loads and stack the logs in your log store it will condense down to around 0.7m3 to 0.8m3. This is because stacking the logs in the same direction means the logs sit closer together. As a result, there is less air space than when the logs are tipped loose into one of our pickups.