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10 March 2021

What do we do for the Summer months?

Winter has passed and warmer weather is hopefully on the way! This has left many of you asking us, So what do you do over the summer?

Well, whilst the summer is quieter for us, we are still busy working 6 days a week.

Refilling Barns

Every February / March we start tipping boxes of 8-10″ seasoned logs into our big barn. These logs have been seasoning in their lengths for 12-14 months before being split and put into boxes. They have been in boxes drying for a few weeks already but will continue their drying process in the barn. It takes us a couple of months to completely fill the barns alongside our spring deliveries. Once filled, the barn logs won’t be touched until September / October time, when they start to be used for grey bags and loose logs for collection from the farm.

Refilling barns over summer for next season
Starting to refill the barns!

Making Kindling

Another of our big summer tasks is making our kindling nets, ready to sell next season. The wood for the kindling has been cut from the long rounds into 6″ halves to dry. In a few weeks, this wood will be ready and processed into kindling sticks and bagged using our kindling machine. This year we aim to make 6000 kindling nets so this will keep us busy for a while!

Summer Offer

If you have been a customer for a couple of years or more, you’ll know about our ‘Beat the Price Rise’ offer. Every year (except last year due to Covid-19 and prices remaining the same), we send out a leaflet to our existing customers detailing any price changes and new information. This offer runs until August and means we are busy delivering summer loads over June/July. Not only do you beat any price increases, but a summer delivery and correct storage also ensures your logs are as dry as can be by the winter!

Alongside these main tasks, we spend some time tidying, restocking, hay making and importantly taking some holiday days to spend time with our families away from work!