What’s the best wood for indoor fires?

There are a number types of wood that can be burned for your home-installed log burner. We list a few here to describe the characteristics of these types of timber, when being burned.

Apple Wood

Apple wood is quite often a popular choice for log burners. It doesn’t create a blazing flame and provides a slow consistent burn.


Ash is considered by many that it is one of the best timbers to burn, and there is good reason to think it. With excellent heat production, consistent flame and slow burn, you can easily see why. Not only that it can be burned almost immediately, whereas most timbers need to be seasoned. That said, it performs even better if it has been dried out.


Cedar is a not a bad choice, it ticks the boxes when it comes to a consistent and long heat, but it is prone to spitting. Be sure that if you’re burning this type of timber that you use a spit guard.


Cherry is a good choice if you need a slow burning timber, that doesn’t produce a lot of deposits in the flue but you have to ensure that the cherry wood you’re using has been seasoned well.


Hawthorn is a good solid timber that carries the classic log burner traits, such as slow burn and decent heat output. It is even said that Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread!


Rowan is another classic with the burning characteristics that you will desire; slow burn and strong consistent heat.


It burns hot with a flame and doesn’t spit. We personally consider it as good as Ash.


You can rely on yew to produce a very strong heat and burn slowly, and it also gives off a pleasant smell. Be careful if sawing this wood and always wear a mask, it is known that this wood can also be poisonous.