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23 March 2022

Why should you buy logs in the summer?

Why should you buy your logs in the summer, if you don’t start using them until the winter?

In the rest of Europe, it’s customary to receive your log delivery in advance of the cold months. Below are some of the reasons why you should order the bulk of your logs, if not all, ready for the winter months.

It’s cheaper than ordering in the winter!

Ordering seasoned logs in the summer helps keep the moisture content down.  With time, seasoned logs can get down to the same moisture content as kiln-dried logs – at a much cheaper cost than kiln-dried logs.

Our prices also increase for logs delivered after 1st August, making summer deliveries a cheaper option than waiting until the winter.

Drier logs and beat the winter lead times!

It is much nicer to put the logs away in the drier/warmer weather and whilst the days are longer. A summer delivery also ensures that the logs are very dry, providing you with a more efficient burn. Logs only get better with age!

Winter deliveries should only be used to top-up, when running low on logs. If you have ordered over the last 2 winters, you will be aware that we have experienced longer delivery lead times, up to 3 weeks, as a result of a higher volume of orders. Forward planning, and arranging your delivery with us in the summer, rather than waiting until the winter, will allow you to avoid the long winter lead times.

You can order non-standard sizes if you buy logs in the summer!

As you may know, due to the legislation on the sale of dry wood, during the winter months we are only able to offer standard sizes of logs: 8-9″, 12″ and 14″. Standardised sizes allow us to store the logs until the moisture content is below 20% and the logs are ready to burn.

Over the summer months, however, we can cut longer logs in increments of 2″, up to 20″.  Chunky logs can also be requested.

If you prefer to have logs that differ from our standard-sized logs, we suggest you fill up your store in the summer. As of August, we will only be offering 8-9″, 12″ and 14″ logs for the winter again.

Storing your logs correctly

Whenever you order your logs, ensure you store them correctly. Stored incorrectly, summer or winter, logs can sweat, resulting in an increase in moisture content.

Garages and sheds are not ideal for storing your logs. This is due to a lack of sufficient air circulation, which causes the logs to sweat. If a white mould on your logs is present, this is a classic sign of lack of ventilation. You can view our pre-assembled log stores here or find out more about storing your logs here.

buy logs in the summer and store in a logstore